The World Health Organization: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the crucial role of the World Health Organization, why Donald Trump is skeptical of it, and how his plans to withdraw the United States could have dire consequences.
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Matt Cole
Matt Cole Prije 6 sati
China has too much influence with the WHO and the UN.
ImmortalInflames Prije 10 sati
So... can we throw Trump & Mitch in jail yet and let them rot there? and then public trials for all the other monsters that supported those two degenerate meat sacks that genuinely tried to take over the government.. You know the American armed forces are sworn to protect threats both foreign and domestic...
Mandy B
Mandy B Prije 14 sati
Hopefully Biden will reverse the decision, and as soon as possible. T$$$$ has shown himself to be a clear and present danger both to the USA and the rest of the world. I know Biden has no intention of going after him for all his crimes, and I actually understand why (imagine if doing that was a common occurrence - something which could happen if it happens just the once - any former president, no matter how good they'd been, could find themselves targeted by the next administration for spite. The government in power is in an excellent position to plant fake "evidence" of "crimes" Just picture what T$$$$ could have done to Obama had precedent been set!). But there's nothing stopping any state doing the job where necessary. Good luck New York!
Rorgues Prije 16 sati
At this point I think Trump is just setting as many dumpster fires as possible just to make Biden’s presidency hell, which is pretty fucking awful.
TheFirstDeity Prije 3 dana
"I mean that fucking literally" He meant what he said about fucking literally.
Neil Nicholson
Neil Nicholson Prije 3 dana
the world health organization cites old reports and doesnt do their research anymore. they claim wrong facts all the time. same with BBC, news, police departments, governments, etc... The neoliberal system promotes no research and content to make money via advertizing while it kills off the small well researched companies.
GarroLegionofOne Prije dan
Stop watching Fox News please
edgar2prado Prije 3 dana
13:20 Please clarify. How can there be "indoor airborne transmission" if this IS NOT an airborne virus? (Airborne = droplets 0.5 microns and below carry an infectious viral load. The stuff disaster movies are made of.) The only way that could happen is if you are indoors, one or more persons are not wearing a mask, wearing it improperly (e.g. - nose out), or wearing a mask with a valve. And that certain someone sneezes. Or maybe something even rarer. Like pulling out a pressurized breathing tube. (Obviously a big no-no.) Proper wearing of the right types of masks (a surgical one will do) is protecting us. Social distancing is EVIL SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Before you jump on my figurative throat try to find out what was the original, the very first, rationale for those six feet was. It had to do with coughing (very thick droplets) WITHOUT A MASK. But perhaps by now the it is possible that the CDC, and/or other health authorities may be saying something else to keep up the charade.
Kam Harmon
Kam Harmon Prije 3 dana
Ok now about Melania and her complicity ... she's probably seen him murder an upstart or two.
Dan C
Dan C Prije 3 dana
Thank God Biden won. The US won't be pulling out of the WHO now.
New King
New King Prije 3 dana
Forgot to mention it’s a chinese puppet organization which has repeatedly denied the existence of Taiwan 🇹🇼
Agent Ham
Agent Ham Prije 3 dana
I know John wasn't born in the US, but he's a national treasure regardless.
Drfate 786
Drfate 786 Prije 3 dana
WHO has been mismanaged though, there’s been too many blunders and not enough work done. They need reformation.
Boredboy Eddie
Boredboy Eddie Prije 3 dana
I don't know if the W. H. O. is all that great they still censor or dodge Taiwan which warned them about the virus And look at Taiwan now no new covid cases for over 200 days Yet the W. H. O. won't recognize them
Baron von Limbourgh
Baron von Limbourgh Prije 3 dana
@Boredboy Eddie true.
Boredboy Eddie
Boredboy Eddie Prije 3 dana
@Baron von Limbourgh yeah that’s sad 😞
Baron von Limbourgh
Baron von Limbourgh Prije 3 dana
Most of the world doesn't recognise taiwan..
Pamela De Carvalho
Pamela De Carvalho Prije 3 dana
so there is seriously no worry to anyone that the WHO is heavily influenced by a country which obviously lies about COVID cases. im left AF and hate trump but the WHO dosent worry anyone?
Baron von Limbourgh
Baron von Limbourgh Prije 3 dana
They do pay the most and can decide where and on what that money is spent on, so with that comes a lot of influence. And the usa is probably not the only one fiddling their covid numbers. Honestly it is just the way things have always been and it never was an issue before.
indigosigh Prije 3 dana
Mind you, the WHO has been extorted by the nuclear power industry and are forbidden to alert the world about nuclear effects on health in the world, including the effects of The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and many more that are also not reported in detail and are covered up. I'm not saying that it is not necessary, just that it is fallible.
crispy Prije 4 dana
This whole situation is just "la la la la la" to a Trump supporter.
Dee Yanase
Dee Yanase Prije 4 dana
This program is presented by... China 🇨🇳
carzyscenctist Prije 4 dana
Prove this whole pandemic is a scam to take away your rights through medical tyranny everywhere in the world: (Top Canadian Pathologist On COVID: 'Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated') (Watch Censored WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE Announce Lawsuit Against COVID-19 Global Lockdown) (Banned from HRpost America's Frontline Doctors Hold 2nd Summit in DC) (Interview: Whistleblower Nurse at NYC “Epicenter” on Fraud She Recorded)
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Prije 4 dana
At least this won't go through. I suspect one of the first things Biden will do is cancel the withdrawal of the US from the WHO. Actually, being from the UK, the phrase ' does have problems, but the solution clearly isn't to walk away, it's to try and fix them, and the only way for to have a say in how that happens is to have a seat at the table and we're about to give that up' is oddly familiar.....
Sasha Willow Smith
Sasha Willow Smith Prije 5 dana
Don't really like the linguistic prescriptivism on the jokes about the word "literally" but otherwise an incredibly important message here
William Winberg
William Winberg Prije 5 dana
Shadow Prije 5 dana
its soo dangerous all these global superpowers are forgetting why these international cooperation organsations were formed in the 1940's
leg'o'lam 72
leg'o'lam 72 Prije 5 dana
Very first John Oliver video I disliked. Throwing common sense out the window and following the party narrative is something I never saw coming from John Oliver
ImperialVideo Prije 5 dana
Any logic to this arguement?
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan Prije 5 dana
Momera Prije 6 dana
Oh thank heavens. I'm so glad I didn't watch this until after Biden won
ImperialVideo Prije 5 dana
Same! Cheers to rejoining the WHO and getting rid of polio
YagamiDiyarki YD
YagamiDiyarki YD Prije 5 dana
Nad Senoj
Nad Senoj Prije 6 dana
So. "Tribal secularism" is bad according to, the supporters of, tribal secularising... stupid.
Nad Senoj
Nad Senoj Prije 6 dana
So, the world health organisation attempts to help the world. That includes China. So the talking carrot wildly misrepresents their intent, and prerogative, to make them a puppet for stupidity... um, I mean the US.
Michael Dziengel
Michael Dziengel Prije 6 dana
Who does give a fuck about Christmas decorations? I'm with Mel on that one.
Eoghan Brophy
Eoghan Brophy Prije 6 dana
I hope we can all start to move on
Mat3 NPC
Mat3 NPC Prije 6 dana
350M$ is a large number to 1 person. 350$ to the 500M Meridians is less that a soda, for a whole year. But policunts love to splint large scaway numbers at people when all you need to do is simply work out the basics of maths to see that those big numbers are actually small as hell. Imagine if every living being gave 1$ (regional equivalent) to the WHO, what could be accomplished?
Casey Hodgson
Casey Hodgson Prije 6 dana
Where are the newer vids ? I thought they were weekly ??
Clovis Prije 6 dana
Thank your Deity Trump wasn't elected again!
seumas Broderick
seumas Broderick Prije 6 dana
DropKick2772 Prije 6 dana
RIP Alex Trebek
Oratu The Gold
Oratu The Gold Prije 7 dana
Is there no common decency and common sense anymore? Someone let me go back to the 20th century please, and that was a shit-show, would still rather be there.
marta Lis
marta Lis Prije 7 dana
Wow now i feel REAL bad for the people living in the worst timeline where trump did win
XXX Prije 7 dana
Excellent report John... 👏👏👏... are you sure you’re not really an Everton fan... seriously, no “red-nose” has the capacity to articulate full sentences like you... NSNI
P Reese
P Reese Prije 7 dana
We are not gonna leave the WHO!!!
Loki Prije 7 dana
The World Health Organisation. Oh sorry, thought that was a question. 😉
mastermason457 Prije 7 dana
René Hollie
René Hollie Prije 7 dana
For some reason this is enjoyable to listen to for me. Its like puting on music in the backround.
Giorgos MRTS-TRX
Giorgos MRTS-TRX Prije 7 dana
All’s not well with tedros cinocentric stance( yeah that is ok , chinacentric is made up trumpism :) The complicity or negligence of who made the COVID-19 pandemic possible . Even if China wanted COVID-19 to spread WHO could have limit is as it did with MERS & SARS. TAÏWAN lead the way and remains (still!!!! 11/2020) COVID-19 unscathed BECAUSE they knew better not to trust neither China nor the WHO.
David Paul
David Paul Prije 7 dana
As bad as that decision would be for a movie, the fake Sonic cover was absolutely hilarious and I'd still watch it. 😂
Saranpat Sereewiwattana
Saranpat Sereewiwattana Prije 7 dana
I am going to use a technical term here...
J. Stronsky
J. Stronsky Prije 7 dana
Never mind all the countries who hate the US. The idea of you guys replacing a neutral international organisation in order to come over here and tell us in Australia and New Zealand how we ought to do healthcare is a real crack up. Cheers but we'll be right.
R R Prije 7 dana
Let’s face it you can’t trust the World Health Organization ! The world is at War with this virus because of at least, inaction at most criminal negligence. What a colossal screw up and they let it happen. Time to clean house at the WHO and try to get some credibility back.
seumas Broderick
seumas Broderick Prije 6 dana
@Cyber Controller 16-914 a suitable punishment, make it so
Cyber Controller 16-914
Cyber Controller 16-914 Prije 7 dana
I hope you lose every other sock you own and have to wear odd looking socks for the rest of your life
Mike King
Mike King Prije 8 dana
President- elect Biden, Day 1 get back in Paris agreement. Day 2, stay in WHO
Nuer Gang
Nuer Gang Prije 8 dana
11:40 How could the WHO be expected to recognize Taiwan (the Republic of China) when the U.S doesn't even recognize Taiwan anymore?
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman Prije 8 dana
One Survivor from the future: "And this is where it really began"
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman Prije 8 dana
Which parallel universe did I jump into. Get me out of here.
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman Prije 8 dana
use this as *W H A T T H E F U C K* Button
hyykhyyk Prije 8 dana
3:02 "nearly every country on earth." But why doesn't that include Taiwan?
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker Prije 8 dana
Liberals want to forgive China for creating and spreading Covid and at the same time blame all of it on Trump
Cyber Controller 16-914
Cyber Controller 16-914 Prije 7 dana
Racism: Check Lying: Check Supporting a wannabe autocrat: Check Looks like we found a Trumptard, folks.
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman Prije 8 dana
This is not about fucking liberals and republicans I am from a different country and man I feel sorry for America
RodneyWHenderson Prije 8 dana
Any lists of Biden smelling unwilling females.
Cyber Controller 16-914
Cyber Controller 16-914 Prije 7 dana
It's in the same box with all the videos of Trump f**king his own daughter.
Gilberti Water USA Blue Gold
Gilberti Water USA Blue Gold Prije 8 dana
See Gilberti vs CDC, Racketeering and Eugenics Lawsuit in Las Angeles California on Florida & Washington DC courts, Judges, School Boards, Cops, World Health Organization and more for US TREASON🇺🇸
AmurruMan Prije 8 dana
Kudos to acknowledging the past successes of the WHO, but their past performance can't possibly forgive their mishandling of the biggest challenge they have likely faced. Their trustworthiness is critical to being able to diplomatically manage global health issues, but I think you overlooked the fact that diplomacy doesn't work with the CCP and XI made a fool out of Tedros. Saying it's OK that the WHO misread the Coronavirus because Trump did too is setting a pretty low bar for them don't you think? Trump's stupidity has cost hundreds of thousands of American lives, The WHO' naïveté dealing with China on this has cost millions of lives globally, not to mention the global financial massacre. I absolutely hate Trump, but if threatening the WHO is what it takes to get them to stop listening to the CCP propaganda it might actually be a good thing.
Jason N
Jason N Prije 8 dana
Right, so the WHO thought there was nothing to worry about even as China was rushing to build a 100,000 bed hospital in ten days?
Freedom Flyer
Freedom Flyer Prije 8 dana
I could imagine Sonic and Dr. Eggman teaming up to Chaos control Kevin Spacey out of Mobius.
ollie d
ollie d Prije 8 dana
Please cover my story John, orthodontists are lying about jaw problems and its destroyed my life. I've tried to email you
ollie d
ollie d Prije 8 dana
@Tabish Rahman if your teeth don't fit properly then it messes up your jaw. they constantly state that orthodontics is about proper function of teeth and jaws but also claim no evidence they could cause dysfunction. when they mess up they just say it doesn't happen and someone's life is ruined by a painful jaw problem
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman Prije 8 dana
How exactly?
Gobtik Prije 8 dana
WHO criticises US handling = Trump ego can't take it, pulls out of WHO Simple as that, the man is the biggest snowflake on the planet
IAmSeamonkey Prije 8 dana
funny how most major international problems of the early 20th century started with reagan.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Prije 8 dana
Just want to jump in on the 'literally' debate. We have to accept that this word is in the process of changing its meaning. This is how languages evolve. The frustrating thing is it also means that we're also losing that word's primary function due to the increasing prevalence of fuckheads in our society, who need to add emotional qualifiers to every insignificant moment of their lives! Sorry, I think I woke up angry today.
seumas Broderick
seumas Broderick Prije 6 dana
that was 'literally' the best comment i've read on youtube..
Rathik Bansal
Rathik Bansal Prije 8 dana
@JohnOliver.. First of all.. US should NOT quit the WHO... and Trump is a stupid, egotistical moron.. but your show has started ignoring facts just to criticise Trump.. a few facts which I think were relevant.. 1) Current head of WHO was elected with support of China over US 2) In January-20 despite growing worldwide alarm WHO simply parroted China's assurance that Covid is not airborne and a worldwide problem.. despite Wuhan already being under lockdown.. it did not fact check anything.. nor did it press China to allow an independent team to investigate.. not did ito advise a travel ban to/from China.. If we're anyways just going to take the word of dictatorships like China.. then WHO is not fulfilling its role.. This is in contrast with handling of earlier SARS/MERS (1 of them) outbreak a few years back.. under a different head.. who ADVISED TRAVEL BANS AGAINST CHINA and helped stop the their spread.. which the current head should have done or at least not given a carte blanche just on China's say so..
Jan Tschierschky
Jan Tschierschky Prije 8 dana
WHO was a great organisation, these days however it has become ineffective due to corrupt, incompetent leadership. The reason is mainly the CCP
Shanster Goodheart
Shanster Goodheart Prije 8 dana
Is no one going to mention that, that man was called Dr Brilliant.
Earl James
Earl James Prije 9 dana
😂 July 2021? Trump won’t be around to see this through. Despite the voter fraud perpetrated by his followers.
Roses Andflour
Roses Andflour Prije 9 dana
That journalist at around a minute 12 is sooooooo done. Poor lady.
Calum Tonry
Calum Tonry Prije 9 dana
This has all the same components of Brexit with damage to healthcare rather than economy
Max Benard
Max Benard Prije 9 dana
The WHO said there was no risk of human to human transmission of coronavirus. Just remember that.
Max Benard
Max Benard Prije 7 dana
@David Gray exactly right. The WHO deferred to China (a country that is known to lie and cover up) and neglected their responsibility to the world. They believed china because they are financially beholden to them. Tedros needs to go, and the whole organization needs a major overhaul.
David Gray
David Gray Prije 7 dana
No the WHO did NOT say that. On 14 Jan the WHO (in just a single tweet) passed on what they had been misleadingly told by the Chinese authorities who, at the time, were aggressively suppressing accurate reporting of the situation in Wuhan. "Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China" A WHO team arrived in Wuhan on 20 Jan and within 48 hours promulgated that human transmission WAS happening AND convened their Emergency Committee.
HIT EM' HARD! Prije 9 dana
8:40: Ok, yesh that is a lot of money but you fail to mention that Bill Gates gives a lot of money and is involved with the WHO. And $3.7 Billion? Well Israel gets $3.9 billion and that's just financial support... Not adding military surplus and any medical/ Scientific research: That's just given away n
Steven Whiting
Steven Whiting Prije 9 dana
Who is good but even Private Eye had issues with them and how China pays them so much money at which point the WHO said covid wasn't as bad as it is
Sleep Ninja
Sleep Ninja Prije 9 dana
I mean but fr who gives a fuck about christmas stuff and decorations. Shes married to donald fucking trump man, surely you could have pulled something better than that
raja riar
raja riar Prije 9 dana
Still some Chinese will say john oliver is showing wrong reports on uyghur Muslims
xXbyAdicktionXx Prije 9 dana
Very poor argument regarding the difference in funding between the US and China. The us doesn’t pay too much, but China clearly pays too little
Joe Scott
Joe Scott Prije 9 dana
Trump to WHO:No thanks, we're out. US to Trump::No thanks, you're out.
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow Prije 9 dana
The alternative to joepardy, would be leopardy I'm guessing and would involve humans running away from hungry and pissed off leopards. But yeah... stick to the WHO but don't fund it more than other countries do. Figure out a good compromise, make sure the money is used well enough and for things most if not all countries would like it to be used, and don't let yourself be the doormat, but also don't be a Trump. Easier said than done, sure, but it's worth trying...
Anderer Name
Anderer Name Prije 8 dana
Germany and France are going to pay more to the WHO, Germany will then pay 500 Million Euro. So about as much as the US does. With this we will also pay for protection gear for other countries. Because if you have a world-wide problem everyone has a problem and the more countries cannot face this properly are also endangering us. No time for political tactics. Reforms can be made later.
unseenmenace1976 Prije 9 dana
Thank you John. Keep fighting the good fight :)
Rielly GRIEVE Prije 9 dana
Friendship ended with WHO.
Ignirium Prije 9 dana
Maybe if America backs out of something Majorly Humanitarian like leaving WHO, maybe it can F off entirely and be blocked from doing any trade with any country again until it decides to align itself with Humanitarian ideals again, you know, be human and care about people? Just F off then.
Infinity Salinity
Infinity Salinity Prije 9 dana
The eternal Republican strategy: Create a problem and blame it on your opponents to do more of what you want.
Gerrie Prije 9 dana
3:27 ish, ok, so when the WHO declares a potential for a zombie apocalypse, it will begin in the USA? and those who heard yanni will be first to fall hahaha
Jahed Ali
Jahed Ali Prije 9 dana
You should do a video on Justin Trudeau
pepe the frog poops on right wingers
pepe the frog poops on right wingers Prije 10 dana
everything batshit bananas again today - last week tonight 2017 2020 and it that's been turned up to 11 :/
K Mc
K Mc Prije 10 dana
Basically dump is an idiot
K Mc
K Mc Prije 10 dana
The WHO are to me an incredibly important organisation. It is a unified, global organisation, that has a non partisan approach, unlike dumps idea that making America great again again again again, why would you not want to be a part of that knowledge and global community. Sheer ignorance, arrogance and political BS would motivate someone to think this was a good idea. What an arsehole!
Kate100294764 Prije 10 dana
WHO tweeted COVID "has no human to human transmission" on January 14th as the world was welcoming Chinese New Year tourists into their cities. Does everything have to be about Trump? The WHO needs to be broken down and replaced with a more ethical organization.
Rebecca Armstrong
Rebecca Armstrong Prije 10 dana
the us has a problem with the WHO because they are stopping viruses and disease and if we dont have those things how would the american medical industry sell us their snake oil ... :/
Sam Hawes
Sam Hawes Prije 10 dana
5:06 we just gonna ignore that his name is literally Larry Brilliant?
Girija A
Girija A Prije 8 dana
He has a book called Sometimes Brilliant! Haha
Cate Evered
Cate Evered Prije 10 dana
This show is 10x more serious without an audience
Borderline Alcoholic
Borderline Alcoholic Prije 10 dana
The nightmarish, four year Trump pandemic has been eradicated. Basic intelligence, empathy and compassion has been restored. Thank fuck for that.
David Strugnell
David Strugnell Prije 10 dana
Basic Orgy Management ... Brilliant 😂
BYERE Prije 10 dana
Best part is that even though Trump decided to pull out of the WHO, given that they have to wait a year for it to happen, Biden can just turn round on day 1 of his presidency and say to the WHO, "Feel free to ignore Trump, we're not leaving after all."
xX1NORM1Xx Prije 10 dana
America is a god damn danger to the world... no one... no one on planet earth should impersonate ANY kind of medical professional ESPECIALLY for military reasons....
thisis2awesome Prije 10 dana
basic orgy management... that killed me
Annie Lynn
Annie Lynn Prije 10 dana
Taiwan can help.
Apa Apsson
Apa Apsson Prije 10 dana
You were once a funny man John Oliver, now its just Trump this, Trump that. I liked your coverage for e.g. WC football.
T Kelly
T Kelly Prije 10 dana
The WHO is saying we shouldn't be locking down now.
Akira Murakami
Akira Murakami Prije 10 dana
Yeah but the us want to get the f out so why would the us listen to who?
Jonathan Teh
Jonathan Teh Prije 10 dana
Trump is the kind of idiot who team-kills the "white mage" healer in his party. On the scale of competent leadership; that's ground zero stupid. Whatever prejudices, fears, insecurities, sense of reality, and values we've attached to Trump and his Cabinet - having that level of idiocy in a position of power & responsibility just doesn't make sense.
Akira Murakami
Akira Murakami Prije 10 dana
Kill the healer then blame the healer for everything. Thats every mmo ever
yinky Prije 10 dana
most WHO's fault is rooted by the western world just like mask wearing. it is exactly the same as when SARS occurred and "research" shows it doesnt help such mentality dictate how science approach
Samuell Rodd121
Samuell Rodd121 Prije 10 dana
I feel like this show has just become the ‘what has trump done this time’ show and I’m fucking here for it. Thank you John
P F Prije 10 dana
the way the videos are not there
Mo Om
Mo Om Prije 10 dana
Trump just relies on Confederates, Bye Bye Trump and confederacy.
GarrottingOnABudget Prije 10 dana
Looks like Joe Exotic can host Jeopardy now.
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